Marina Rules


8.1       All applications must be mailed from the BBC to applicants with the regular membership application.  Applications cannot be hand delivered prior to the mailing.

8.2       All Marina fees and completed Marina application must be paid in full and postmarked by January 31st.  Applications will be accepted February 1st thru February 28th, with a $100.00 late fee. Any applications postmarked after February 28th with the late fee, will be considered on a space available basis only. At this point you are subject to loss of slip.

8.3       Incomplete applications will be rejected and returned to the applicant via US mail. Please resubmit the completed application, which will then be processed with the new returned postmark.

8.4       All vessels (including jet skis, wave runners, hobies, zodiacs, sail fish, etc.) must be currently registered in the BBC member’s name. A photocopy of the current registration must accompany all applications. Registration must be shown upon the request of the Marina Chairperson at any time.

8.5       No member is guaranteed a slip.

8.6       Previous years slip assignments cannot be guaranteed.

8.7       Members who had a slip during the previous year may continue their docking privileges on a one slip per family basis by paying the full slip fees on or before January 31st. The above is contingent upon said member adhering to all the rules and regulations and is in good standing with the Biltmore Beach Club. This assures consideration for a slip for the coming season.

8.8       Slip assignments will be at the discretion of the Marina Chairperson according to length, beam and draft of the boat.

8.9       No boat shall be placed in the Marina until all fees are paid and authorized by the Marina Chairperson. No assigned slips will be changed or transferred without authorization of the Marina Chairperson.

8.10     Members are required to immediately notify the Marina Chairperson of the sale or change of ownership of their boats, as well as the purchase of new boats to be placed in the Marina. Changes are not guaranteed to be accommodated.

8.11     At the discretion of the Marina Chairperson any boat may be reassigned a slip at any time during the season for the benefit and safety of the Marina and its membership.

8.12     New applicants must submit a completed application along with a current    registration or dealership bill of sale (to be considered for slip assignment only) at this time to be added to the waiting list. A check need not accompany this paperwork. After a slip is offered, all Marina fees must be paid and a current registration in the members name must be presented to the Marina Chairperson. If the member fails to comply with any of the said requirements, the member shall forfeit this provisional slip assignment. After a slip is offered the applicant will no longer be considered on the waiting list.

8.13     Slip assignment will be assigned as follows:

  1. Members with slips get first preference
  2. Members with slips who upgrade or downgrade (subject to availability)
  3. Members on the existing waiting list
  4. Members with second boats
  5. Associate members with boats

8.14     The postmark is always the deciding factor.  In the case of same postmark for existing slip holders, seniority in the marina will prevail.  In the case of same postmark for waiting list applications a coin toss will prevail.  First letter of last name will be used to determine heads or tails.  The letter closer to the beginning of alphabet gets heads.

8.15     Biltmore Beach Club Marina Summer season: April 1st thru November 30th .
Biltmore Beach Club Marina Winter season: December 1st thru March 31st.

8.16     The Assigned slip must be occupied no later than July 15th. Under extreme circumstances, and upon written notification of the Marina Chairperson, and approved by the BBC Board of Directors, this deadline may be extended.

8.17     No refunds will be made upon forfeiture of slips, and the new occupant will pay the full fee, regardless of the length of time remaining in the season.

8.18     Subletting of boat slips are not permitted.

8.19     The marina may not be used for commercial purposes.

8.20     It is the boat owner’s responsibility to maintain and attend to their boats. Boat owners will be responsible for any damage caused by their boats. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to maintain all dock fittings and lines in good condition and securely fastened. Lines should be of sufficient strength and size, free of chafing.  If it is not properly secured the boat owner may be notified and will be expected to adhere to all recommendations.

8.21     Boats are required to have fenders where appropriate.

8.22     Members may not modify docks or slips. No materials (tires, carpets, cleats, etc.) may be affixed or attached to the floating docks without prior permission of the Marina Chairperson. Lines should be kept neat and not left across dock.

8.23     Dock boxes are not permitted.

8.24     The Marina gates must be locked at all times. Members are responsible for Marina keys/fobs issued to them. Keys/fobs found to be misused will be confiscated.

8.25     Loitering in Marina after 10:00 PM is prohibited. Any trespassing on Marina property or any unauthorized boarding of members vessels will be treated as a serious offense and be referred to law enforcement and reported to the Biltmore Beach Club Board of Directors for possible disciplinary action.

8.26     Open fires, including BBQ’s, Tiki torches, or fire pits, are prohibited unless  approved by the Biltmore Beach Club Board of Directors.

8.27     Only parties of those run, organized and approved by the Biltmore Beach Club Board of Directors are permitted in Marina area.

    1. Members entering the facility from the Marina with guests must leave their name with the Marina gate guard and proceed to the main gate to register and pay for their guests.
    1. All members and their guests are personally liable for any damage to the Marina. Members must accompany their guests and are responsible for their guest’s actions and adherence to the BBC Rules and Regulations.

8.30     Children under the age of 13 without adult (18 or older) supervision are prohibited from the Marina at all times. Unsupervised children under the age of 15 are prohibited from the Marina after sundown unless a Marina attendant is on duty (this rule may be waived for children whose parents have received prior authorization from the Marina Chairperson).

8.31     Four MPH speed limit in the Marina.

8.32     Swimming, bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards are prohibited in the Marina.

    1. Power boats are prohibited from the beach side swimming area of the Marina.

8.34     Sailboats may be temporarily (30 minute limit) beached in the boat area immediately adjacent to the Marina. Sails must be lowered.

8.35     Courtesy dock usage is limited to a 30 minute stay.

8.36     The Marina boat ramp may only be used by BBC members and their vessels.

8.37     Dogs on leashes are permitted in the Marina. Members are responsible for cleaning up after their animals.

8.38     Hoses should be replaced neatly on hangers after use.
Electrical outlets can only be used for running vacuums, tools, and battery chargers and only when a member is present.  All electrical cords must be properly stowed when not in use.

8.39     Please take home trash that cannot be properly disposed of at the Marina.

8.40     The fishing pier located on the south end of the Marina is the only location where fishing is permitted. The fishing pier should be left clean when leaving the area as well as all locations used in the preparation of baiting and cleaning. Fishermen are reminded that caution and safety should be exercised at all times.

8.41     All dry docked vessels (i.e., Zodiacs, canoes, kayaks, wind surfer and rubber rafts) must pay approved fee as set by the Biltmore Beach Club Board of Directors, and assigned an identifying sticker and location prior to season storage.  Dry docked vessels must be registered in members name and only launched by member. All vessels must be removed from the Marina by November 30th.  No trailer storage.

8.42     All boats must be removed from the Marina by November 30th.  A per diem penalty of $15.00 set by the Biltmore Beach Club Board of Directors will be charged to any boat owner whose boat remains in a slip after November 30th. Under extreme circumstances, and upon written notification to the Marina Chairperson, this deadline may be extended. Membership and/or Marina applications will not be accepted for renewal until the assessment is paid in full.

8.43     At the end of the season, all lines, moorings, whips, bait and crab traps are required to be removed from the Marina.

8.44     The Biltmore Beach Club, Inc. assumes no liability and is not responsible for any damage to vessels. Vessels are moored at each boat owner’s risk. Boat owners are responsible for any damage to the Marina facility caused by the member, their guests, or by their vessel.

8.45    Any member who places a watercraft in the Marina authorizes the Biltmore Beach Club Board of Directors to remove the watercraft at the owner’s expense if Membership or Marina dues and fees become overdue or unpaid. Before such action is taken however, the owner will be notified by certified mail.

8.46     These rules set forth by the Biltmore Beach Club Inc. Board of Directors will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with the above may result in immediate loss of Marina privileges and/or Biltmore Beach Club Membership.