The warm weather is here! Now is the time to check that your boat is correctly tied up. Please make sure you use the CORRECT LINE SIZE in GOOD CONDITION when securing your boat. We recommend doubling up your lines for outside slips, especially on the port side. It is particularly important with the severe southerly winds we get at the Marina. Also, you must check your cleats to ensure they are tight and secure. Please do not wait for a storm to do this! NOW IS THE TIME!!!

Kayaks, wakeboards, and other drydocked vessels must submit an application and pay all fees BEFORE leaving them at the Marina. A “LATE FEE” will be added to ALL DRYDOCKED vessels that have not been paid for. Applications are hanging on the bulletin board on the side of the Marina shack. Place all completed applications, including your payment, in the mail slot on the Marina shack door. Please use PERMANENT MARKER to put your LAST NAME in a visible spot on the outside rear of the vessel and make sure it is visible and easily seen.
All unmarked Vessels will be subject to removal from the Marina!


 The 19th Annual Fluke Tournament 

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Applications will be emailed out in early July and are

available on the bulletin board on the side of the marina shack.

Here’s to a Safe, Happy Healthy boating season!!!